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            How to send your data to Mixpanel?

            1. Log-in to your Mixpane​l account.
            2. Go to Account --> Account information --> Project --> Token. 
            3. Copy your Mixpanel token Id (you need to paste this into your Action recorder).
            4. Open Action Recorder and click on integrations.

            5. Find and choose Mixpanel Integration.
            6. Click on configuration settings.

            7. Now paste your Token ID (Mixpanel) below.

            8. Click on save changes, once you are done.
            9. Return back to Mixpanel customization screen and click on setup action workflow. 

            10. The list of events which you had previously configured with Action Recorder appears on the screen.
            11. Switch between On/ Off button to send your preferred events to Mixpanel.

            12. Click on save changes once you are done. Next step is to set trigger paths.
            13. Return back to Mixpanel customization screen and click on setup trigger path. 

            14. Enter the URLs and switch between Fire or Don't Fire button to set a path to be triggered or not.

            16. Once you set a firing rule as the path to be triggered, click on save changes.
            17. You have now integrated your Mixpanel account with Customerlabs.

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